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Employability Entrepreneurship and Recovery


Employability Entrepreneurship and Recovery (EEAR) is an Erasmus+ project focused on reducing poverty
The challenge of reducing poverty risk is linked to the inequality debate. The European Pillar of Social Rights presented by the European Commission in April 2017 addresses income inequality more explicitly.
EEAR Glasgow meeting

This Project seeks to address this, in particular by sharing the Good Practices already developed by the partner countries. Bringing together 5 organisations expert in working with the most marginalised and excluded members of society from 4 partner countries: Scotland, Italy, Sweden and The Netherlands.
Within this Project we seek to promote Social Inclusion for some of the most excluded members of society by supporting them on their journey of re-integration into vocational training, employment and self-employment by each of the partners sharing our current successful programmes, comparing what works well and areas for development in order to enhance the quality of provision for this specialist group and other disadvantaged groups within society. This will, in turn result in the development of relevant and high-quality skills and competences as the quality of the training programmes will be enhanced and further developed as a result of this Project in all four partners countries.

EEAR's desired impact is based around the usage of empowering training to combat marginalisation and develop people to become employable and able to develop into self-employment. Our goal is to provide better services that engage and empower the learner to develop skills, continue to learn and look at developing enterprises as they move into the labour market.
EEAR Glasgow meeting
Staff that participate within the project, partnership and our localized activities will gain in confidence and self-esteem resulting from the development of new knowledge and skills.
The partnership will impact upon the partners by increasing their ability to engage and respond to the skills needs of their learners and staff, provide an EU focus to addressing common problems and provide solutions to sustainable employment.

The European Credit Transfer System for VET (ECVET) is a technical framework which supports the transfer, recognition and accumulation of learning outcomes. ECVET provides a set of principles and tools that facilitate the process of learner recognition, with a view to achieving a qualification. In ECVET, tools and templates can be used in the delivery of mobility programmes, supporting learners in getting the most out of their international experience and ensuring a better understanding of learning provisions and qualifications in other countries. MORE

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